Why do you need Plastering?


Plastering a wall surface or ceiling has numerous benefits. Apart from making your walls have a smooth finish and a beautiful look, plastering also gives a decorative appeal. This means that when your plaster your walls or ceiling, you have the opportunity to enhance the appearance of the structures using various finishes. For example, you can choose to paint the walls, use wallpaper or apply any other decorative feature with ease.


Plastering your walls makes them more durable as opposed to leaving them dry and bare. Plastering solutions protect your walls from rainwater, dampness, heat, humidity, and other weather elements. On top of that, it is easier to repair plastered walls than it is to repair dry walls.

Pollution free

It is important to point out that plastered walls are pollution free. Dust cannot accumulate on plastered walls like in the case of walls without plaster. On top of that, molds and fungi cannot easily grow on plastered walls.

Plastering a wall is a task that requires skill and patience. Just like any other difficult task in construction, the sense of satisfaction once you manage to complete it is immense. Giving your walls a professional finish is a fundamental step in achieving a beautiful home. If you want to have beautiful walls you should consider hiring a professional to do the plasterwork for you.

Different types of plastering work

Lime Plaster

This type of plastering work involves the use of lime. The lime is mixture consists of sand and lime and are mixed by 1 sand to 3 of lime by volume. The lime mixture is usually used for undercoats as well as the finish coat. Due to the fact that lime plaster can shrink after drying, animal hair is usually added to ensure that the lime plaster does not crack or shrink. This type of plastering work is ideal for the restoration of ancient buildings.

Cement plaster

This is the use of cement to plaster a wall structure. The grey powder cement is mixed with water by the ration of 1 cement to 3 clean sand by volume. It is important that you get the services of a professional when it comes to using cement plaster. Otherwise, if an unqualified individual does plastering work using cement, it might crack and even look ugly once it has dried.